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mintey's Journal

8 December
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Different things I LOVE:
Aile, Anne Rice, baking, beaches, being cute, being funny., being loved, blogging, Caroline and Olivia Lufkin, clothing, cold case, conventions, cooking, designing, Dexter, dramas, drawing, Eli stone, G&L bible, hair, horror movies, horseback riding, IWTV, Lolita fashion, makeup, manga, Mariah Carey, pastels, photoshop, pop, purses, r&b, roccoco era, rock, Selena Perez, sewing, Sookie Stackhouse novels, Stephen King, summer breezes, victorian times, writing, and more.
More about me in my journal. Though this journal will be 100% friends locked. No paragraph will allow you to know me. Knowing is knowledge, and to obtain it, you must friend me. Otherwise it's a lost cause. I do not accept most, so make sure we have some type of speaking relationship before hand, or drop me a PM or comment to let me know who you be.
Caro-Maro (Carocole Carousel + Mashimaro Girl) is the company I am a partial owner of. Along with Ashlee Foster, her longtime friend Kim, Fei Sun, and Liang Fok. We will have a site for you to view soon, stay tuned.

Mashimaro Girl.Com + Mashimaro Girl @ LJ + profile